Thursday, November 26, 2020


Introduction 1. In Section 2.0 of this manual, you have learned that plants are able, through photosynthesis, to utilize sunlight and simple nutrients to produce new organic material. On the contrary, animals, including fish, cannot. Thus to survive, grow and reproduce, fish need to feed on organic materials such as plants, other animals, or prepared feeds containing plant and/or animal material. […]

How To Start A Snail Farming In Nigeria

To start up a snail farming in Nigeria, it is advisable to get snails directly from the forest instead of buying from the market after they have been exposed to sunlight and have dehydrated. This is because snails drink a lot of water, so  they are easily dehydrated and this stresses them out, and reduce […]

Snail Farming – Professionally Specialized in Snail Business

Snail farming is today a lucrative business A Foolproof Investment with Substantial Profits Even if the economy caused the shrinking of the labor market, there are still ways and opportunities for successful and profitable investments. Winis V Nuel Snails provides self-employment opportunities for people seeking consistent revenue and an alternative, but profitable job. Winis V […]

Healthy Benefits Of Snail

1. Protein Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle, and is also better at filling you up than carbs and fat. Many people look to seafood as an easy source of protein, but actually, snails have more. Snail contains 16.1 g or 32% DV protein. This amount is more than all sources except mutton  […]

Growing Your Poultry Farm

Write down your farming sales and production records for future reference. To make sure that your business is creating a profit, keep a log of your sales, business growth, and financial losses on a spreadsheet. Determine whether you are gaining or losing money, and make goals to cut back on costs and earn more money. If […]

Raising and Caring for Chickens

Set up coops or cages for your chickens. Chickens need shelter from the outdoor weather and predators. Buy or build a chicken coop or cage on your farm with dimensions based on how many chickens you’re housing. Build the chicken coop or cage at about 3 sq ft (0.28 m2) per chicken. Clean the chicken coop or cage regularly to prevent the […]