Goat Breeding In Nigeria

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Goat farming is becoming very popular day by day. Several businessmen are now considering establishing goat farming business, with focus on high yielding breeds. This is because goat is one of the main meat and milk producing animals. Goat’s milk and meat has a huge domestic demand and goat is one of the choicest meat and milk source

Farmers are being attracted by the emerging favorable market conditions as well as easy accessibility of improved goat specie and farming techniques. Consequently, numerous commercial goat farms are now springing up in the country.

Choosing the right goat breeds for your commercial farm is very important. There are numerous breeds around the world. While others are famous for milk production. Some goat breeds produce quality skins and fiber. However, I have listed short description of some local goat breeds in Nigeria.

Three main breeds of goat in Nigeria are as follows: West African Dwarf, Sokoto Maradi Red and Borno Sahel White. The WAD goats are found in the southern parts of the country. It has the potential of good tasty meat with a good reproductive performance. The Sokoto Maradi Red found in the northern part of the country and is well adapted to arid conditions. This breed produces good milk and meat and is highly notable for production of fine leather materials.

The Borno Sahel White which are also found in the semi-arid area in northern Nigeria, is a good producer of meat and milk, but highly susceptible to trypanosomiasis.

However, the introduction of Boer and Kalahari Red breeds from South Africa into Nigeria has made the exotic breeds the new game changer in modern goat farming in the country.
It’s not for nothing that some state government have imported these exotic breeds from South Africa to sell to local farmers in their respective states with a view to reproducing them for beef, leather and dairy purposes, thereby encouraging profitable goat farming.

The crossbreeding of the imported breeds with our local WAD goats is already in progress.
Goat meat is low in fat and it’s widely acceptable as source of food nutrient across ethnic and religious persuasions. It has excellent meat-quality.
Skin from the Kalahari Red provides the best leather material for the tannery industries. This, if properly harnessed for international trade, has a great potential as a foreign exchange earner and can put Nigeria in an enviable position in the global leather industry.

Fertility and outstanding mothering abilities are very important in goat farming. As a goat breeder, you need to wean healthy, heavy kids rapidly and at a low cost in order to guarantee profitability. This ensures the sustainability of your farming operation. Jovana Integrated Farms delivers this essential factor; consistently meeting your requirements. Our clients are assured that our genetics, combined with their management inputs, will make a significant difference in their flocks.
Our goats are raised on natural grass with supplements. They eat wide range of vegetables, grasses, leaves, grains, tubers etc. In fact, our goat can thrive on any edible material if allowed to forage freely. For mass production, supplement food is needed for good health and fast growth.
We believe in minimal inputs, extensive farming conditions, hardy and functionally efficient animals that can produce outstanding results under varying conditions.

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