Raising and Caring for Chickens


Set up coops or cages for your chickens. Chickens need shelter from the outdoor weather and predators. Buy or build a chicken coop or cage on your farm with dimensions based on how many chickens you’re housing.

  • Build the chicken coop or cage at about 3 sq ft (0.28 m2) per chicken.
  • Clean the chicken coop or cage regularly to prevent the chickens from spreading diseases.

Raise chicks for your farm. After setting up your equipment, buy chicks from a breeder or agricultural supply store. If you’re new to raising chickens, buy no more than 500 while you’re establishing your farm before adding more to your business.

Feed your chickens daily. Buy chicken feed from a pet or agricultural supply store and feed your chickens once a day. Give each chicken about 3.5 ounces (99 g) of chicken feed a day to keep your chickens healthy and prevent malnourishment.

  • You can also give chickens corn, halved grapes, or cabbage as a treat, but avoid feeding them these treats more than several times a week as it’s less healthy than chicken feed.

Bring sick or infested chickens to a veterinarian. Diseases spread quickly between chickens, so inspect them regularly for illnesses or pest infestation. If you notice any abnormalities in your chickens’ appearances or behaviors, hire a vet to diagnose and treat your chickens.

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