Tools you need to start a goat farm in Nigeria

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Despite the increasing business ideas and opportunities in the country, livestock farming seems to be the most lucrative. There are many areas you could venture into when it comes to livestock farming one of which is goat farming.

Why you should consider goat farming;

  • Goat farming requires relatively low capital but yields high profits.
  • A lot of Nigerians consume goat meat daily as such it can be seen as an everyday commodity that is highly demanded.
  • Shoes, bags, belts and other leather-base materials are made from goat skin which is a very good source of leather
  • Goats are easy to feed and manage as they require minimal supervision
  • They also reproduce a lot which means continuity for your business
  • Aside from normal consumption, goat milk is used in the production of cosmetics
  • Pharmacists also make use of goat offal for drug production
  • Even goat faeces are a great source of manure.

What you need to get started

Know how

Don’t venture into goat farming blindly or you could fail for the smallest reason. Get as much knowledge as possible on the business and how its run. Learn about goats, their feeding, mating, reproduction, and overall care process. Learn how to diversify the business into milk production, leather production and manure distribution. The best training would be a hands-on practical training.


There are different breeds of goat available in the Nigerian market as such; you need to determine which breed would best suit your purpose. Figure out why you’re venturing into goat farming and consider which breed would give you the best results. Raising two breeds is an option that requires larger capital.


The most suitable place to consider for goat farming is an area closest to pasture. The land should be spacious and fenced. Also, you’ll need a shelter for the goats so they can be shielded from harsh weather like rain and sun.


Pasture is the best form of food for goats but there are other healthy food options like specially formulated goat feeds. You can grow your own pasture or make arrangements for your goats to graze in a nearby land. You could also either buy feeds or manufacture them depending on how much you can afford.


Goats need utmost care (the female more than the male) this care should be ready available. You could have a vet doctor look in on the goats from time to time. This is necessary to avoid the spread of diseases which could very easily end your farm.

Marketing strategy

You shouldn’t wait until you’ve started operations to have a marketing plan on strategy. Right now when you are still putting things in place, consider your marketing strategy. You can even start networking.

Legal permit

The best way to avoid run-in with the law is to pay all and as at when due. Find out all the legal processes you need to follow, certification, documentation and all. If you need to get registered get it done and out of the way.


Consider employing a number of people to assist you depending on how big your farm is. it could be in form of permanent staffs or staffs that come in once or twice a week to assist you it all depends on what you can handle.

As you go, there are going to be other thing to put in place like inventory, bookkeeping, breeding and the likes but these listed above cover the basics you need to start up. don’t procrastinate; get started!

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